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Corporate Social Responsibility

Tree Plantation
Bhadra Ist Year Anniversary Celebration
Calicut International airport

Bhadra International is a Ground Handling company that is committed to an environment friendly policy. Most of its equipment used at the airports is battery operated state-of-the-art machinery. The Bhadra equipment does not emit any poisonous fumes and pollute the environment as the Ground Handling equipment run with diesel does. It was an extension of this eco-friendly policy that each Bhadra worker was given a tree sapling to plant to contribute to the global efforts to save this planet.

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Blood Group Detection & Donation Camp
Organised by: Bhadra International India Limited on 02FEB 2012
In association with District Co-operative Hospital, Kozhikode & Airports Authority of India

The thought came when we asked our handymen to fill up the personal details. Most of them were unaware of their blood group. So we decided to go and conduct a blood detection camp for all our staff and also to the general public as a corporate social responsibility. From that point on we are maintaining a blood group data which has given to the District Co-operative Hospital and donated blood for a minimum of 25 times for the poor patients.The entire collected blood was given to District Co-operative Hospital Calicut so that the usage won't go commercial.

The Donation camp was inagurated by APD J.P Alex by donating his blood. Almost all the airlines staff and AAI staff actively participated.

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Sneha Bhavan (OLD AGE HOME)
Cheruvannoor Post

We do not want all of you think about only work. No matter how tough times may be for us as individuals, there are always others who are less fortunate than us. We are glad that we were able to contribute to an Old Age Home. We hope that going forward, we will keep continuing our work.


Distributing free tree saplings to the staffers was not a one-time effort by the company to spread awareness about helping Mother Nature. Bhadra also believes in "recycling". Instead of discarding their old uniforms while they are still wearable, the workers are encouraged to recycle them by donating them to some charitable institutions. It was under this policy that after removing the insignias, the Bhadra uniforms were distributed to an Old Age Home in Calicut called Sneha Bhavan.

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